Our Mission

Filling the cheeks of our community one cookie, one cup, one person at a time. 

Fearless Baking wakes up every morning while the moon is still high in the sky to bake fresh scones, bagels and danish so that you can stay fueled on the trail and at work. We source quality ingredients and provide friendly and efficient customer service to brighten your day. When we are done baking for the day, we like to remind everyone to take a step back and take a break! 

Fearless in the kitchen, Fearless in life  

Environmental Fearless Friday's

The 2nd Friday of each month Fearless Baking donates 10% of proceeds to community organizations and charities.

This year is especially exciting for us as we embark on this new adventure! This year, Fearless Baking is taking the Earth under its wing and are focusing all of our volunteer efforts and Fearless Friday's around becoming a more sustainable business!  

What does this mean? 

In 2017 we will utilize 10% of the proceeds raised on Fearless Friday's to decrease our environmental impact. 


  • Purchase compostable cups, napkins and silverware
  • Reusable cup day! Do away with the paper cups once a month! 
  • Put money into savings to purchase more energy efficient refrigerators and other energy sucking equipment
  • Purchase our food from eco friendly suppliers
  • Walk or ride to work! 
  • Do you have any good ideas? Email stephanie@fearlessbakingbend.com Subject: Environmental Fearless Fridays

We will launch our 2017 Environmental Fearless Friday campaign on Earth Day!

Thank you for supporting us as a small business. It is your support that has allowed us to be successful, grow and become an active part of our community. 


1900 NE Division Street Suite 102 - Bend OR, 97701 


Fearless Baking Bakery & Cafe is located on NE Division Street just past the Revere intersection. If you are driving North on Highway 97 take the Revere exit and stay continue straight onto NE Division Street. Make a right hand turn into the Whistle Stop Plaza just past Shepherds House. 

NEW Hours: 

Monday - Saturday 7am - 2pm, Sunday 8am - 2pm